5 Tips for Moving with Your Dog

5 Tips for Moving with Your Dog


I recently moved with my dog Sophie. Here are 5 things we did to make it easier on her.

  1. Keep your dog at a trusted familiar home or daycare while you're moving.

For us, this was keeping Soph at my parents' house. The place is familiar to her and is a fun place for her to go. I did this because it can be stressful for your dog to see all of your stuff leaving their safe space. By bringing her to my parents' house before we started moving everything, it made it much less stressful. You can do the same thing with a doggy daycare, just make sure you've taken your pup their before!

I have also moved when this wasn't an option. I found that the best thing to do is to dedicate a room to your dog during the moving process and fill it with their comfort items. Whether that's their bed, favorite toys, blankets, or even your shirt, something familiar will help keep them calm. The goal is keep things as familiar as possible for as long as you can.

2. Move everything in before bringing your dog in.

I was lucky to be able to move everything from our last apartment into our new apartment before bringing Soph. This allowed for her to have a ton of familiar scents in the new space and helps establish this new place as "home" faster. Even if are only able to move your dog's bed in a few minutes before you bring your dog in, it's better than nothing.

3. Let your dog explore.

Let your dog sniff around and stick their nose in every corner they want to. Unless the area is going to be off-limits to your dog (my shared basement is for Soph), let them explore in their new home.

4. Establish and stick to your new routine.

This tends to be overlooked because you often think that your routine may not be changing. No matter where you're moving or what your routine was before, you will have to do things differently. Your dog now has a new spot where they are fed, where they go to the bathroom, and where they sleep. You may be leaving for work or school at a different time, or you may be gone running errands for longer than normal. By sticking to a set schedule for the first week, you are able to provide needed stability to your dog's life and make the transition easier. 

5. Be patient.

Again, everything is different and new for your dog. It will take them some time to get used to your new home, so be patient. They may have accidents, or they misbehave due to stress. Be patient, correct the behavior, and keep moving forward. Don't be afraid to reach out to your vet if things become concerning. 

Good luck with your future move!


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