Adventurous Pup Co in the Sims 4? (Free CC download link)

Adventurous Pup Co Accessories in The Sims 4

Sims 4 dog

Fun fact about me: I love the Sims. I've been super into finding cute custom content recently, and decided why not try to make my own? So I set off to make Sim Soph the same cute accessories as real life Soph.

This was my first attempt at something like this. I used the Sims 4 Studio & the iPad procreate app to bring our products to life in game. 

Link to download at the bottom of the page

The Content

Sims 4 Dog

This pack includes the following:

  • 12 dog collar swatches for both small & large dogs
  • 14 dog bandana swatches for both small & large dogs
  • 5 dog harness swatches for large dogs
  • 6 cat collar swatches

The swatches include some of our favorite prints from the shop (Happy Barkday, Fun-Guy, Daisy, Dune Days, Dino-mite, and Moon Child to name a few), as well as a few prints that I've drawn for fun over the past year.

Sims 4 Black Cat

I had so much fun making these for myself & I hope you all enjoy them too! If your favorite print wasn't included in this pack let me know in the comments & I'll try to make another one in a few months (how cute would our holiday prints look on your Sims' pets?!)

Free link to download:  (If you have a SimsFileShare referral you should send it my way!)

This pack requires the Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack. To install, locate The Sims 4 folder on your computer and subfolder labeled "Mods." Unzip the downloaded file & place the .package files in your Mods folder. 

Thanks for your support,

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Disclaimer: this content is not in partnership with or sponsored by EA. This was just something I did for fun and am offering to you guys for free. By downloading this you acknowledge that it is at your own risk.

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