Let's talk about your dog's poop

Why you should always pick it up:

We're all trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible. It may seem like leaving your dog's poop on ground during your walk is better than using a plastic bag to pick it up, but that is causing more harm than good.

The harm of not picking up your dog's poop

  • Contaminates water sources
  • Disrupts animal habitats and food sources
  • Spreads bacteria, parasite, and other pathogens

So the question is which is worse: the plastic bags or the disruption of ecosystems and spread of bacteria and diseases?

For more detailed explanation check out these sources:

Want to compost it?

Composting your dog's poop is an alternative to throwing those bags into the landfill. Here's how to start: NRCS guide

Not all cities allow composting - be sure to check before you start!

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