DIY Howl-ween Costume Ideas

DIY Howl-ween Costume Ideas

Are you ready for Howl-ween?

Here are our top picks for DIY dog costumes!

1. S'more

Source: reddit

This is going to be Sophie's costume this year! Totally DIY-able with some scrap cardboard and an old tshirt!

2. Sweet Tooth


Source: Hello Ruby Doodle

How freaking cute is this costume by Hello Ruby Doodle! You could totally make this yourself by cutting out poster board for the tooth and cutting a pool noodle for the candy necklace leash!

3.  Rocket Dog

dog wearing DIY rocket costume

Source: Costume-Works

Make an out-of-this world costume by recycling some old plastic bottles! Simply paint them silver, tape them together, and add some tissue-paper flames!

4. Swiftie

If you know me, you shouldn't be shocked by this suggestion. Whether you're looking to twin in your folklore, evermore, or RED cardigans, you can upcycle an old sweater using this sewing pattern, here. Or simply add stars to a pre-made sweater. Bonus points if you make a friendship bracelet leash using pool noodles like the sweet tooth costume above!

5. Ghost

13 Adorable Dogs In Ghost Costumes

Source: Bored Panda

Can't go wrong with a classic! Cut an old pillowcase for a quick & easy costume.


I can't wait to see your dogs' costumes this year! 


Shelby & Soph

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