Every decision is made with the planet in mind, and sustainability is truly at the heart of our brand. We believe in taking care of the planet we love to explore, and we are so excited to bring you and your dog gear you can feel good about using. From our product development all the way to getting it to your doorstep, explore what decisions we've made and why below:  

    What's it made of?


    All of our bandanas are made of 100% cotton and the tags are made from recycled yarn.

    Collars & Leashes

    Our collars and leashes are made from 100% recycled polyester that is made from post-consumer water bottles.

    Isn't polyester plastic?

    Polyester is a plastic based material that we chose for the safety of our dogs. The cotton and other natural fiber alternatives we found did not have measurable tensile strength, mostly due to the irregularities of cotton fibers. This left us having to choose a synthetic option. We went with 100% recycled polyester to avoid introducing more new plastic to the world.


    We use plastic buckles on our collars because we have found they hold up better than metal buckles. In comparison to metal buckles they are lightweight and jam far less frequently, meaning you will have to replace them far less often. The D-rings and leash hooks we use are made from stainless steel, which can be melted down and reused again and again.

    Poop Carriers

    Made of polyurethane. We are currently looking into alternative materials like silicone for this product.

    Why make them at all?

    The environmental benefit of our poop carriers far out weighs the impact of them being made of plastic. Seems unlikely, right? Let me explain. Leaving your dog's poop to "decompose in nature" is extremely hazardous to the natural ecosystem and our water supplies. Your dog is probably not foraging for their own food, which means they're not part of the closed-loop system. Because they are not in that closed-loop system, any nutrients in their poop throw the balance of the system completely out of wack. That's not even taking into account any diseases, bacteria, or parasites your dog may be spreading to not only that closed loop system, but also our drinking water.

    So please follow Leave No Trace & pack it out. Don't want to hold the bag? Try a poop carrier!

    Lick Mats

    Made of food-grade silicone. While it often gets lumped into the same group as plastic, it is actually plastic-free and won't degrade into microplastics.

    Doggy Duvets

    Our duvets are made from 100% cotton canvas and feature a nylon zipper. We recommend stuffing them with items you already have like old pillows, blankets, towels, etc.


    All of our scrunchies are made of 100% cotton. They are made from the leftover bandana fabric, helping us reduce our fabric waste.

    Key Fobs

    Our key fobs are made from leftover bandana and duvet fabrics, which help us reduce our fabric waste. They also feature stainless steel hardware that can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.

    Tote Bags

    Our tote bags are made from 100% cotton canvas.

    The straps are made from deadstock nylon that would have otherwise went to a landfill!

    Packaging & Shipping

    All of our orders are shipped in packaging that is recyclable & biodegradable. We use paper mailers for the majority of our orders.

    Occasionally we do have to ship orders in flat rate padded envelopes, which are unfortunately not biodegradable. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    We offset the carbon emissions from all of our orders using Shopify Planet.

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    Warranty & Repairs

    One of the best ways to practice sustainability is to repair the items we already own. To learn more about our repair program, click the button below.