We are dedicated to being as eco-friendly as possible. We wouldn't classify ourselves as "zero-waste" because there are just somethings we can't reuse/repurpose (like tiny thread scraps!), and we prefer the term "eco-friendly." We are focused on sourcing materials that are ethically made and good for the planet.  For more detailed information than what you can find below feel free to email us your questions at


Almost all of our products are made with 100% cotton fabric
Patterns are printed on the fabric using water-based dyes that use very little water. It's like a giant printer that permanently dyes the fabric!
Products that are noted as not being 100% cotton are deadstock fabric. What's deadstock fabric? It's fabric leftover from large company's production runs. Instead of sending it to a landfill, they sell it to warehouses who then sell it to us in much smaller quantities!


Our logo tags are woven from recycled yarn

Plastic buckles: in our experience plastic buckles hold up much better than metal ones, meaning you'll have to replace them much less often. Our plastic buckles are lightweight, heavy-duty, easy to clean, and anti-freeze down to -20°
Other metal hardware: all of the other hardware you see on our products are made from steel and are nickel-free. We love them because the steel can be melted down and reused again and again.

100% recycled polyester webbing

Waterproof Series
Our waterproof webbing is a PVC-coated nylon webbing. Normally we'd be a little wary at the thought of using so many plastic based materials in our products, but this webbing is the exception for us. Why? It's built to last the lifetime of your pet, meaning we're reducing (remember reduce, reuse, recycle!) the number of products being created



    Our packaging is 100% home compostable & curbside recyclable. Here is a list of everything we may use to package your order:

      • Mailers - made from paper & break down in about 3 months. 
      • Boxes - made from cardboard & typically break down in about 3 months.
      • Tissue paper - made from acid-free paper & break down in about 2 months.
      • Thank you card, care card, packaging & thank you sticker - made from paper & break down in about 2 months. 
      • Dog treat - we recommend feeding to your pup & letting nature do its work!
      • If you prefer minimal packaging (no freebies or extras - just your product in the minimum amount of packaging necessary to keep it safe!) please leave a note at checkout.