Honeycomb Lick Mat Recipe

Honeycomb Lick Mat Recipe

How to create this┬áhoneycomb lick mat ­čŹ»┬á


You'll need:

  • A Camp Hound Lick Mat -┬áhere.
  • 1/3 cup your choice of kibble
  • 2 tbsp plain greek yogurt
  • Honeycomb mold -┬ásimilar┬áhere.


  1. Rehydrate your kibble in 2/3 cup warm water, let sit for at least one hour
  2. While your kibble rehydrates, mix 1 tbsp plain greek yogurt with 1 tbsp of water. Add to your mold and freeze for at least 1 hour or until solid
  3. Mash your kibble with a fork, add it to your lick mat.
  4. Mix 1 tbsp plain greek yogurt with 1 tbsp of water, add to your lick mat
  5. Arrange your frozen honeycomb add-ons to your liking on your lick mat
  6. Freeze & serve!
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Watch the video tutorial here!
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