PB&J Lick Mat Recipe

PB&J Lick Mat Recipe

How to create this PB&J lick mat 🍓

You'll need:

  • A Camp Hound Lick Mat - here.
  • 1 tbsp Greek yogurt
  • 1 tbsp dog-safe peanut butter
  • 1-2 strawberries, finely diced
  • A handful of freeze-dried dog food (can sub with dry kibble)
  1. Mix Greek yogurt & peanut butter until smooth. If yours is too thick, add 1 tbsp of water. Spread on the licky section of the mat.
  2. Add your freeze-dried food to the honeycomb section of the mat. 
  3. Add your diced strawberries to the honeycomb section of the mat.
  4. Optional: freeze before serving 
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Watch the video tutorial here!
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